Tactical Training

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Pak for Tactical & Firearms Training

            The Pak from 1109 Bravo was designed with the intent of increasing Warfighter lethality on the battlefield and sustaining resiliency in the garrison-training environment. The system accelerates neural adaptations by introducing a full kinetic linkage of sustained resistance to all motion, which conditions the brain and synapses to optimize movement and fine motor skills.

Just as the Marine Corps Infantry Immersion Training complexes bring the sights, sounds, and smells of the battle space into the consciousness of the individual Marine, the 1109 Bravo Pak trains the muscles, nerves, and synapses to thrive in the combative environment by optimizing the neural networks in authentic environmental stimuluses’.

            Tested and validated by premier warfighters and professional shooters, the Pak is capable of integrating into the infantryman’s fighting load for sustained live fire and maneuver training. The system provides resistance and tension throughout the full kinetic chain to build endurance and streamline efficiency in repeated motions found in the modern combative manual of arms.

As US Ground Combat forces have worked to improve accuracy and lethality in marksmanship and weapon employment, the Pak improves the ability of the warfighter to skillfully manipulate weapons and communication suites with peak efficiency.

Common weapons manipulation skills trainable in concert with the Pak

include but not limited to:

  • Handgun Draw stroke
  • Speed reloads
  • Ready Up live fire drills
  • Primary & Secondary weapon system flow
  • Weapon malfunction clearance
  • Weapons system transitions
  • Armed movement flow