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The problem: There is a disconnect between skill development and traditional strength and conditioning.

The Neuropak is the only user-defined global neuromuscular skill development tool on the market. It truly allows you “Train Like You Play” building lasting muscle memory and conditioning in any skill pattern or sport. Using the Neuropak is as simple as, put it on, and do what you do! No longer do we need to limit our training by being tethered to a platform or fence.

The 1109 Bravo Neuropak training system bridges the gap between functional skill specific performance training, corrective exercise (injury rehab/prevention) and is a comprehensive assessment platform.

Immediate Performance Optimization

  • Intuitively engage center of mass stability in the core and spine to find neutral position allowing the athlete to freely increase force production unlocking their true power.
  • Increase functional skill specific strength and conditioning
  • Accelerate performance-based learning
  • Improve vertical jump performance immediately
  • Improve speed and explosive linear and lateral quickness





Unlock Your Athlete’s True Potential Today with Neuropak!


Training Efficiency & Conditioning

Training Efficiency – 1109 Bravo’s Neuropak transitions users away from ineffective training methods and bad habits, develops strength and endurance, new ranges of motion, enhances posture, refines and conditions athletic skills.

Aerobic/anaerobic Conditioning – Due to an intense co-contraction that the device places on the kinetic chain throughout the body simultaneously, there is an increased demand and conditioning of the cardiovascular system to drive blood and oxygen throughout the body to all the contracting muscles.

Neuromuscular Conditioning
& Re-Education

Neuromuscular Conditioning – Quicker reaction and sustainability of any athletic skills.

Neuromuscular Re-education – The Neuropak increases power, provides lasting endurance, better coordination, ability to repeat maximum force in the desired direction with less effort and concentration.

Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention – 1109 Bravo’s Neuropak self-corrects movement patterns that create injury and reduce performance, direct skill performance toward the correct methodology that reduces injury and allows for effective and efficient performance.

Force Coupling of the muscles by activating “muscle groups” rather than an isolation exercise. This will ultimately increase stability in the joint or region that is engaged, increase proprioception, and decrease the likelihood of injury.

Unlock Your Athlete’s True Potential Today with Neuropak!


Still Have Questions?


To find out more about how Neuropak can improve your athlete’s overall performance please contact us at ctedesco@1109bravo.com.